Bipolar, how “glamorous.”

Monday January 26th I was flipping through a Glamour magazine and I came across an ad for an essay contest. The subject was “my story,” as in “every woman has a powerful story.” It was due February 1st. With less than a week to turn my “story” into 3,500 words, double spaced, I somehow managed to submit it in time.

I wrote about the road to my bipolar diagnosis. I don’t know how many people enter, or what my chances are, but I’m glad I did it. Three or four years ago I don’t know that I would have entered. I have come a long, long way in the last three or four years. In a way the story I submitted isn’t just my story, it’s the story of hundreds of people with bipolar disorder. Details will vary, but the theme stays the same. And I personally want those stories to be heard.


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