You’re damn right!

i accomplished something last night. I squashed what was the beginning of hours, maybe days, of ruminating. My boyfriend said something to me in the movie theater that started to snowball. To avoid unnecessary babble, I will leave it at it was nothing to be upset or offended about or anything. It should have been forgotten in seconds. BUT, once we were in the theater and the lights turned off it kept creeping into my thoughts which kept expanding and expanding.

So what did I do until it stopped ten minutes into the movie? I said NO BITCH, AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. And I was actually able to let go. One small step for bipolar kind, one large step for Victoria!

Now I am forever explaining to people that my moods and ruminations are ultimately not my choice. (Because obviously we can all just “stop thinking like that” and “do something to change our mood”) However, there are times when we can control things, that our own mental strength and coercion can make a big difference. And those are the times where we can’t afford to get lazy in the fight.



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