Medicine cabinet conundrums.

I ended up getting around to looking up drug interactions for my current medications. The current cocktail being Zoloft, Lamictal, and Lithium. I was warned/advised to always triple check interactions with Lithium. Both behind and over the counter, especially with the amount of serious interactions there are. I am pretty limited with what I can take for anything because of my medications and a few major drug allergies. Well. I can’t believe I haven’t unintentionally killed myself since I started the Lithium. I mean HO-LEE SH-YIT. There are a lot of interactions listed. Many of which I have been unintentionally testing the limits of.

SO. My most recent lesson to pass on would be to do your drug research, and take note of it. I made a list of mine in my phone. Also, homeopathic remedies and vitamins/supplements apply here too.


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