Pay it forward.

Today as I was driving home from dropping my younger sister off at day camp, I saw an older man hitch hiking that I see on a regular basis. He really got the wheels in my head turning without even talking to him. As I drove passed, I gave a slight wave and he made a goofy face of sorts, but seemed to be saying he got why I didn’t stop. Being a young female, I don’t see picking up a hitch hiker of an kind as a good idea. As I said, I have seen him before. I have always toyed with the idea of turning around and bringing him something to eat, but he is always gone. I always wonder what his story is, and start creating different scenarios in my head. He lives just across some train tracks in a wooded area. I know this because I see him go in and out from time to time.

Today, I finally turned around. I thought I’d tell him I could not offer a ride, but I could offer food. But, when I got back to where he was waving his thumb, he was nowhere to be seen. I decided to make a trip to the Walgreen’s down the road, making a mental list of supplies in my head as I drove. Here is what I walked out with:

-Trail mix, mixed nuts, beef jerky, potato chips

-A value pack of water bottles

-Toilet paper, paper towels, cutlery, Kleenex

-Hand sanitizer, facial wipes, deodorant, mouth wash, cleansing wipes, chapstick

-Bug spray, first aid kit, ibuprofen, muscle pain ointment, cough drops

-Notebook, pens, flashlight, umbrella

I drove back to where I saw him, the entrance/trail to the wooded area he lives in. I his everything behind some tall grass, and left a note explaining that while I can’t offer rides, I hope what I left helps. I spent over $100 today, but it was the best $100+ I think I have ever spent.

I may have issues out the ass, but that doesn’t mean that I’m the only one. That also doesn’t mean that everyone else has the same issues. There is a saying that goes something like ‘be kind to everyone you meet because everyone is fighting a struggle that you know nothing about.’

The point? Pay it forward. Just like animals in a pack, we humans can’t all survive without a little help from one another.


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