Foreign thoughts and languages.

My high school Spanish teacher told me that once I stopped trying to directly translate things back and forth from English and Spanish, I would understand the languages much better. She spent a lot of time pounding that into my head until one day I finally understood. Bipolar disorder is a lot like a language that does not directly translate into another. It is impossible to exactly translate the thoughts, feelings, and struggles we go through on a daily basis, to another person, and sometimes we can’t even translate it so that we ourselves may understand what is going on. It seems to me that through the combination of how we are brought up, social norms, and the human experience in general, we create a common idea of how we think we are supposed to think and feel. I like to think of this idea as a common foundational theme in all minds, it is what we compare and contrast with and base our conclusions about our own minds off of. I have found that the more I stop trying to compare and understand what is going on in my head, the more I feel it clearly and am able to understand and identify it a bit more. While this does not help me to verbalize my feelings in an accurate manner quite yet, I believe it is getting me on the right path.


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